Thursday, July 12, 2018

All You Need To Know About Paraffin Wax Treatment

Paraffin wax is generally used in candles but do you know that it can also be used to get relief from arthritis pain, sore joints or muscles. Submerging your hands and feet into the hot molten wax can really prevent the excruciating joint pains. Therefore, paraffin wax is an exceptional treatment which is also recommended by many skin specialists.

Before choosing to apply for the treatment, make sure to consult with a professional beauty specialist in Vancouver who provides paraffin treatment beauty bar. Most of the paraffin treatments are available in beauty salons, however, a number of people are unaware of this fact.
Paraffin is a non-toxic substance which is obtained by distilling the crude oil from a water and steam resistant complex mixture.

Benefits of paraffin treatment in the aesthetic field

Paraffin is not a binding agent like beeswax. This means it is non-sticky and thus, the skin stays smooth. The treatment is applied to absorb the active ingredients into the skin while retaining the heat and water. It is one of the most effective treatments to hydrate, soften and smooth the skin of your hand and feet.

Additional benefits include reducing of joint stiffness, inflammation, psoriasis treatment, dehydrating the skin, speeding up the healing process and loosen muscle spasms.

Hands and feet treatment

After the skin is hydrated and exfoliated, the molten paraffin has to be maintained at 50 degree Centigrade. The hands and feet are wrapped inside a bag that contains paraffin wax. It is kept in the same way as it is for at least 15 minutes. After this, the wax is removed from the skin with a light massage.

Back treatment

Usually, 3 to 4 layers of molten paraffin are applied on the back, though only after the skin is exfoliated and hydrated. To preserve the heat a blanket or a plastic film is used to cover the back. After covering for at least 15 to 20 minutes the wax is removed and then moisturizing milk is applied.
Remember, whenever you choose to get a paraffin treatment to smooth your skin, always consult with a specialist to determine the condition and type of treatment process required.
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